There are an endless omni-directional and multiversal ways of listening to Parrot Radio UK..... (just as long as it's streaming, we are a web based radio station after all).

Below are a few ways of how you can tune in and what we thought worked best on each platform.

Simple Radio - add as a skill on Alexa and it works superb. You just have to be really, really clear when you speak. It might be our northern accent but it kept playing Pirate Radio instead of Parrot Radio UK. Perseverance and a good measure of bad language sorted it out in the end though, and it integrates very nicely when Alexa understands what you are asking for.

myTuner - brilliant for android, sound quality and buffering are spot on. It has a really nice interface that shows the playlist and previously played songs as well.

And of course, there is always very own web player and that works fine on android, apple, laptop, desktop etc....