Why advertise with us?

Simply put, radio advertising is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising there is. You can engage with your customers directly and control your budget in real time. Parrot Radio's target audience is the East Riding of Yorkshire broadly speaking, but as we are a web streaming service people from all over the world can tune in. More importantly, the operational cost for an internet based radio station is typically much lower than terrestrial broadcasting and this is reflected in the advertising rates.

As technology has improved and imprinted on our lives, radio, one of the oldest forms of analogue communication, has surfed the waves of technological advancement and has adapted seamlessly into this new and digital era.  You are no longer tied to wireless radio frequencies, nor is there any real need to invest in an expensive digital receiver to listen to your favourite music. Streaming is the new broadcasting medium, and you can stream almost anywhere with something as simple as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, smart speaker... the list goes on. This means that all of the old boundries that held back local radio stations in the past no longer exist and the world is there to be conquered!!!